It’s published and ready for you!  It’s the Nature Trail Interpretative Guide for the Sheldon Community Forest. As you follow the narrow path from the kiosk you see green and white signs that lead you along this Nature Trail. As you follow the numbered posts, each stop tells a different story the about this amazing forest.

It took two years and many hands and many hours from the dedicated members of the Forest Committee to complete this project.  Paul Madden and Kurt Valenta selected the path for this new trail in the forest. Paul Madden researched and generated information for each stop. Dan Danyow donated the cedar posts while Kurt and Marvin Bicknell sharpened and numbered each of the 16 posts. Paul Madden and Delbert Cook dug holes and placed the posts. The edited text, photos and layout were designed by Marvin Bicknell, and Kurt Valenta. Annette Baker oversaw the printing and publishing of the brochure at Queen City Printers in Burlington.

The Sheldon Community Forest Committee hopes this brochure makes your walk in the forest more enjoyable. We all love and care for this wonderful forest and feel very fortunate to have the Sheldon community be stewards of this land.

The brochure for the Nature Trail’s Interpretative Guide is available at the school and can be found on the forest website.