Links to Websites about Forests and Trees

Educational Games on food chains and more. (Grades K-2)

Interactive & Informative Treetures (Grades K-3)

Teachers Domain: science lesson plans, video, short clips (Grades 3-12)

Nature Walks(Grades 1- 6)

Dr. Arbor talks about the parts of a Tree( Grades 1-6)

Take 4 Different Walks in the Forest

(Grades 3-6)

A Dirt Detective: Trees & Soil, Forest Layers Walk, I.D. a Tree, Observing Seasonal Changes, Mapping Forest Changes

Virtual Forest Activity

Interactive Game where students make choices that impact the environment (Grades 3-6)

Exploring the Secret Life of Trees (Grades 3-6)

National Arbor Day Foundation: Teaching youth about Trees (Grades 3-8)

The Life of a Tree

A Seed Takes Root ( Shows how the Pine Cone Seeds Germinate)

The Life of a Forest through its rings

National Arbor Day Day: Teaching Youth

We Get So Much from Trees (Grades 3-8)

From Farm to Forest (historical perspective on forests) Grades (5-8)

Forest Succession(PowerPoint Presentation) Grades (5-8)

Getting to Know Your Forest ( Lesson Plans and observation sheets)(Grades 5-8)

Resources on Forests & Trees for teachers (Grades K-8)

Web Links for Knowing Trees

ID a Tree

Basics of Tree ID

Environment Education for Kids(EEK!) Tree Identification

What Tree is that? Arbor Day Key

Common Trees of PA