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The Sheldon Community Forest Committee was established in 2004 through a grant from the Vermont Institute of Science for a Community Mapping Project. Working in partnership with VIS, students, parents and teachers  mapped the forest using GPS tools. The next step was developing a forest guide for the use and care of the  forest. Rolf Anderson, from Hazen’s Notch Association, met with the committee throughout the first year to set goals for the proper care and respect for the forest. A public forum was held as a follow-up to this first initiative.

The Sheldon Community Forest Committee has twelve members and include teachers,  principal, and community members. The committee meets four times a year for regular meetings and other meetings are set for planning the Fall Festival and Winter Festival.

In 2011 the committee completed an interpretative guide for the Nature Trail.  You can pick up a brochure at the school.  This spring the Forest Committee  published a limited number of copies of the book written by Kosha Patel called, “Home in the Forest.” Books are available to members of the community as a keepsake.  You can obtain a copy of the book by making a donation to the Forest Committee.