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Our Story

The Bookmobile pulled over on the side of the roadIn 2002, the Franklin County Early Childhood Advisory Council was awarded an Early Learning Opportunities Grant. Somewhere in that grant proposal, there was a special inclusion: funding to launch a bookmobile – a traveling library whose purpose would be to bring books and fun to all the nooks and crannies of Northwestern Vermont. In the spring of 2003, that funding became a reality, and deb Grennon became the Literacy Coordinator of the Bookmobile, establishing programs and driving the truck throughout Franklin County.

Over the past 14 years, the Bookmobile has grown to include Grand Isle County and participate in numerous community events including KidzArt in February and Big Rig Day in April. There has been a huge exapansion of its programming from the daily Story Time on the route to summer programming for kids. Along the way, Figgy, our affectionate name for the Bookmobile, has also managed to pick up new and interesting characters: drivers, AmeriCorps VISTAs, Vermont Associates, and endless book lovers. As always, The Franklin Grand Isle Bookmobile is traveling miles to see your smiles.


Take a Tour of the Bookmobile!

Check out this video to take a tour of the Bookmobile with our director, deb Grennon.


Our Mission

toy wooden BookmobileAt the Bookmobile, our mission is to promote a lifelong love of learning and create community connections through providing greater access to books, information, activities, and fun.

Go to the About Us page to learn more about what we do and why we do it.



New and Good

At the Bookmobile, we always start our meetings with two things. The first is a discussion of what everyone is reading (we sort of love books here), and the second is what deb, our director calls “New and Good.” We go around the table and each share what’s new and good in our lives. Whether we just got a new car or made a particularly delicious pot of coffee that morning, we think it’s important to keep each other updated on the new and the good, and we think it’s important to keep you updated too. The postings on Updates and Events are all about what’s new, good, and almost always exciting at the Bookmobile, so read on and get in touch with us if you have questions about anything!

In 2016-2017…

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